My Favorite Dresser Makeover Yet!

A lot has happened since my last post, you can read about that here.

We moved out of our house, lived in a cottage for a month and then moved back in. It was exhausting, inconvenient and uncomfortable. We had “ice damming” and it caused our roof to leak, which damaged the hardwood floors and skylights. I am so happy that it’s all over and I hope that I never hear the words “ice damming” again.

Fast forward to now. We are all settled in and I am back on the hunt for great furniture pieces. Last week I found this beautiful dresser and a little matching commode (more about that in a future post) that I knew I had to get my hands on. We drove the usual three hours to get it and within 24 hours, the piece was transformed. Once I get the furniture home, I get obsessed with it and it kind of nags at me to be painted. I know that sounds very weird, but it’s the kind of stuff that goes on in my brain, for real.

When I first posted pictures on my FB page of the dresser, I was getting comments that I should NOT paint it. People thought it was a mahogany or maple dresser and could not understand why I would paint it. Turns out it was a pine dresser with a terrible faux tiger stripe finish. Close up it was awful.

People have strong opinions about painting wood. I understand that some people are not happy with painting over an antique, I get it, I really do. I am not one of those people. If I feel that the piece will look better or will fit into someone’s home with a coat of paint on it, then that’s what I will do.

I’m not sending these pieces to auction, they are for enjoyment. They are all about personal preferences and making things fit into your home to become part of your home story. I want the people who buy the furniture I re-finish to look at the piece and see that it’s a perfect fit for them and their home. Most of all, I want it to make them happy. I could not imagine that terrible tiger stripe fitting into anyone’s home. I’m telling you, it was really horrible.

Deciding what color to paint is always a dilemma for me. Unless I painting a custom order piece, I tend to navigate towards blue and bluish-green. I’ve tried to sway, but I keep coming back to the same old. I am working on trying to paint more vibrant colors. In my mind, I picture the piece painted a bright red and then I cannot imagine touching it with a red soaked paint brush. Work in progress, I will get there eventually.

Here is the dresser before and after.
I used Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint with 3 parts Grain Sack to 1 part Bergere. I really love this custom color, it’s the perfect soft blue.

The top of the dresser was in excellent condition so I decided to sand it down to remove that finish and it looked so perfect that I didn’t stain it. I added a coat of Hemp Oil and wet sanded it. There are many video tutorials online that can give you detailed instructions, it’s easy and it’s the best way to get the smoothest finish ever!

As always, I was so tempted to keep this piece and as always, I realized that I have no room for it. So I am happy that it has found a home in a Nursery and that another family will get to enjoy it.

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The Dresser Duel vs Front Porch Mercantile

Remember the theme song for the Brady Bunch? Please tell me there are some of you that are “of that age”. Not sure what this DIY blogger and The Brady Bunch have in common, but this song kept ringing in my head, so I had to go with it.
Please accept my apologies in advance for the “level of cheesiness” that this song rises to.

Here’s a story
Of a DIY Blogger
Who was busy painting
Dressers all the time

Here’s a story
Of my good friend Wendy
A Blogger and Shop owner
Doing makeovers on a dime

Till the one day when THIS Blogger saw two dressers
And she knew she could turn one into a jewel
The other, was in the hands of Wendy
That’s the way this became the dresser duel

The Dresser Duel
The Dresser Duel
That’s the way this became the Dresser Duel.

Here is the dresser before. It has that old yellowish honey like stain (that I totally believe should be banned from all Hardware/Paint Stores.)

The drawers had been lined with this floral paper that was a little difficult to get off of the wood. I was more concerned with the outside than the inside. I’m still not sure that I’ll be selling this piece, so for now the paper bits will remain.

Here’s the top, see what I mean by the honey colored stain? Can we all agree not to use that stuff anymore? Unless you love it, then keep using it and ignore all the awful things I say about it.

As you can tell, I only paint in my custom designed workshop. Otherwise known as my dining room. I love being out in the open where all the light is. There’s no way I’m carrying this dresser downstairs to the “furnace room” so that I don’t get dust/paint everywhere. I clean as I go and no one has to know that I use my dining room (including the table sometimes) as my workshop

I sanded the top of the dresser and then made my own stain by combining a couple of colors. It was kind of an experiment so I’m really happy with how it turned out. (If Wendy is reading this, she’s shaking her head wondering why I don’t use Curio as a stain). I know, I know! I just haven’t gotten around to getting any yet but I am going to try it.

And…tada! Here is the dresser all styled up for it’s photo shoot and debut! I really played around with different looks until this one felt just right. I am always so inspired by other bloggers and this photo is no exception. There is a picture of a Bergere dresser on the Miss Mustard Seed page that inspired this dresser, here is my inspiration.

Don’t you love those demi-spindles? Are they actually called that? I don’t know but it sounds right and sophisticated so I’m going with it.

It’s hard to tell but the drawers are painted a lighter tone than the dresser. I used Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Bergere and Grain Sack, using a half and half ratio. I wanted the drawers to pop a bit so I painted them a 3 parts Grain Sack to 1 part Bergere. I finished the whole thing in a coat of Hemp Oil and it was done.

See those cute handles? I picked those up at at Wendy’s Shop. Aren’t they the cutest?


This dresser was a one day makeover. The general rule for Milk Paint is to wait 24 hours before using Hemp Oil but I tend to get really impatient and add the hemp before that. That’s just how I roll.

So now, aren’t you curious to see Wendy’s dresser all transformed? click here to see what Wendy and her magic paint brush have done to that dark brown dresser.

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I was featured!

Literally waiting for paint to dry. You paint nerds get this don't you? Come on...don't lie ;)

DIY Easter Banner

A little Easter project to test out some new MMS Milk Paint colors. I had no idea what I was going to paint when I mixed all the colors but I knew I wanted some kind of of Spring like theme. The colors just lend themselves so easily to that. They are so sweet and fresh and the perfect pastels.

I got out the old faithful drop cloth and traced a little triangle onto the cloth in a repeating pattern. Then I cut them out, painted them, let them dry and attached them to a piece of jute with those adorable little clothes pins and instant bunting!

I just can’t decide where to hang it now…

Milk Paint all mixed up and ready to go. Oh the possibilities!

Tracing out little triangles

Literally waiting for paint to dry. You paint nerds get this don't you? Come on...don't lie ;)

Trial spot number one, dining room light fixture.

Ok...let's try it on the corner buffet...getting better but not quite perfect yet.

I think I might leave it here. What do you think?

I just love those little clothes pins so much.

IMG_9812 (683x1024)

“Kitchen Scale” makeover

This cute “kitchen scale” (which is actually a baby scale) was in need of some kind of makeover. The black paint made it feel so weighed down and seemed like it didn’t belong on that sweet scale with those little baby faces.

I asked you guys via Facebook what color I should paint it and some said yellow, blue and of course, turquoise. The only other color that I debated was off white but you all know I was leaning towards my go to…Eulalie’s Sky.

Here it is painted in black and looking “just not right”. Agree? See the baby faces peeking at you? Kinda cute right?

IMG_9812 (683x1024)

One coat of paint goes on.

IMG_9822 (683x1024)

About 30 minutes later…all done!


Trying to make it look pretty and figuring out where it should go.

IMG_9855 (563x1024)

IMG_9867 (683x1024)

jail locker

Sideboard makeover…from fake orange tan to all natural beauty!

I’ve had this sideboard for almost a year now. I got it way back when I bought three pieces of used furniture on Kijiji, last May. It sat in my dining room for a long time, then got moved to the basement and finally made its way up to the kitchen.

When we placed it in the kitchen, I could not believe how orange this thing looked. It was literally like someone had sprayed fake tan all over this beast. It was brutal. I couldn’t stand it. It was hurting my eyes and it was dying inside, I just know it was.

I had to rescue it. It was my moral obligation to give this piece back some self-worth and self-esteem. That is why I painted it. True story.

Luckily I had just stocked up on Milk Paint and had a couple of colours to choose from. I wanted something neutral because I wasn’t sure that I’d be keeping it and I think I have enough Eulalie’s in this small house, so neutral was the right decision. I had never painted with Grain Sack before and I really expected it to be more of a gray tone and was pleased to see that it’s kind of not. I guess it depends on the light, but I’m seeing more of a warm beige with soft gray undertones. It’s lovely and as happens with every single MMS Milk Paint colour, I love it. Whatever colour I’m painting with seems to be my new favourite. This one really is so great. I cannot wait to use it again.

Here are some pictures of the before and after and a sneak peek of something that I’ll be working on soon. I’d love to hear what colour you think these lockers should be…

sideboard before

sideboard after painted with MMS Milk Paint in Grain Sack

See how smooth this paint goes on? There's a reason why I love it so...

Jail Lockers, no really they are from the Jail sale. #freeatlast