DIY Easter Banner

A little Easter project to test out some new MMS Milk Paint colors. I had no idea what I was going to paint when I mixed all the colors but I knew I wanted some kind of of Spring like theme. The colors just lend themselves so easily to that. They are so sweet and fresh and the perfect pastels.

I got out the old faithful drop cloth and traced a little triangle onto the cloth in a repeating pattern. Then I cut them out, painted them, let them dry and attached them to a piece of jute with those adorable little clothes pins and instant bunting!

I just can’t decide where to hang it now…

Milk Paint all mixed up and ready to go. Oh the possibilities!

Tracing out little triangles

Literally waiting for paint to dry. You paint nerds get this don't you? Come on...don't lie ;)

Trial spot number one, dining room light fixture.

Ok...let's try it on the corner buffet...getting better but not quite perfect yet.

I think I might leave it here. What do you think?

I just love those little clothes pins so much.

“Kitchen Scale” makeover

This cute “kitchen scale” (which is actually a baby scale) was in need of some kind of makeover. The black paint made it feel so weighed down and seemed like it didn’t belong on that sweet scale with those little baby faces.

I asked you guys via Facebook what color I should paint it and some said yellow, blue and of course, turquoise. The only other color that I debated was off white but you all know I was leaning towards my go to…Eulalie’s Sky.

Here it is painted in black and looking “just not right”. Agree? See the baby faces peeking at you? Kinda cute right?

IMG_9812 (683x1024)

One coat of paint goes on.

IMG_9822 (683x1024)

About 30 minutes later…all done!


Trying to make it look pretty and figuring out where it should go.

IMG_9855 (563x1024)

IMG_9867 (683x1024)

Sideboard makeover…from fake orange tan to all natural beauty!

I’ve had this sideboard for almost a year now. I got it way back when I bought three pieces of used furniture on Kijiji, last May. It sat in my dining room for a long time, then got moved to the basement and finally made its way up to the kitchen.

When we placed it in the kitchen, I could not believe how orange this thing looked. It was literally like someone had sprayed fake tan all over this beast. It was brutal. I couldn’t stand it. It was hurting my eyes and it was dying inside, I just know it was.

I had to rescue it. It was my moral obligation to give this piece back some self-worth and self-esteem. That is why I painted it. True story.

Luckily I had just stocked up on Milk Paint and had a couple of colours to choose from. I wanted something neutral because I wasn’t sure that I’d be keeping it and I think I have enough Eulalie’s in this small house, so neutral was the right decision. I had never painted with Grain Sack before and I really expected it to be more of a gray tone and was pleased to see that it’s kind of not. I guess it depends on the light, but I’m seeing more of a warm beige with soft gray undertones. It’s lovely and as happens with every single MMS Milk Paint colour, I love it. Whatever colour I’m painting with seems to be my new favourite. This one really is so great. I cannot wait to use it again.

Here are some pictures of the before and after and a sneak peek of something that I’ll be working on soon. I’d love to hear what colour you think these lockers should be…

sideboard before

sideboard after painted with MMS Milk Paint in Grain Sack

See how smooth this paint goes on? There's a reason why I love it so...

Jail Lockers, no really they are from the Jail sale. #freeatlast

3D Paper Hearts

Here is the simplest and quickest Valentine’s Day craft to cheer up any room (or dresser) in your home. I don’t usually decorate for Valentine’s Day in our house but these hearts looked so easy and I guess I just felt like crafting!

I used a tutorial from this site and they worked perfectly. I did change it up a little and used a stapler instead of using glue.

Here is how it looks put together with some other items in my living room.





DIY Valentine Banner

Have you seen these beautiful Valentine’s banners made with burlap?


I love them and was itching to get my craft on but I didn’t have any burlap hanging around the house. I DID have drop cloth and I had a feeling that I could make it work.

It was so easy. Hint…you need sharp scissors or a fabric cutter. I started with dull scissors and was ready to scream within 5 minutes into the project.  I finally remembered I had one of those fabric cutter things that would make it easier.

I made a free hand “pattern” on a piece of paper and used that to trace directly on the drop cloth.

IMG_9646 (1024x683)

After they were all cut, I ironed them to make them nice and smooth then I ironed a faux seam to fold over the bakers twine. My glue gun was MIA so I scotch taped, yes taped the cloth to the bakers twine…we will see how it holds up.

Next, I traced a heart from my computer screen to a piece of paper. I cut it out using a sharp knife and voila and instant stencil. I then dabbed the red paint on the cloth and let it dry, then finally taped it to the bakers twine and it was ready to hang!

Pretty easy huh?

Post Xmas pictures

Anyone else feel like their house is empty? Seriously. Empty.

I am happy to be back to the simplicity of it all but feel like I can’t remember where all my regular decorations are. Next year, I’m taking before pictures so that I know where everything should go after Xmas. Actually I’m taking pictures of where I’ll be storing my everyday things. Love this getting older thing (insert sarcastic laugh here).

Here are a few pictures of my post Xmas dining/living room. Does is seem bare to you? Are you all feeling the same way?

IMG_9591 (1024x678)

I may be a bit of nerd, but I love the way the sun shines in on that hutch. I love it because I had those dishes stored away for so many years and it’s nice to be able to see them. Every single thing in that hutch has special meaning to me. Even the dishes from the Thrift Store. They all have a story. Come on over and I’ll tell you about them…

IMG_9592 (681x1024)

IMG_9595 (1024x683)

See those beautiful knobs? I love that they look like mercury glass, pretty sure that they aren’t real but they are gorgeous just the same. I picked them up at Homesense over the Holidays, they are Cynthia Rowley and were only $12 for 4 knobs. I also love that they don’t match with the other two knobs on the top drawer.

IMG_9603 (682x1024)

IMG_9604 (654x1024)

IMG_9620 (673x1024)

Ikea inspired clock makeover and a few confessions

I’ve been reading a lot of home decor blogs lately, they have a way of keeping it honest, real and beautiful all at the same time. For that reason, I am writing the following post.

I’m a regular gal. I’ve never had a real manicure and I dye my own hair (I am so overdue right now).

I never buy clothes at full price yet I don’t consider myself cheap.

Most of my clothes (the entire family actually) come from Frenchy’s (second hand clothing store).

I still have a lot of guilt for a 44 year old (Catholic guilt I call it) and therefore I often feel that I am not worthy of the blessings that have been bestowed on my life (there are many.)

I still think that I have the same income that I did when I was a waitress (even though I am a Teacher) and I often spend like I still wait tables.

I have a tendency to doubt myself more than I praise my accomplishments. I always think that I could have done better (with almost every single thing I do).

I really dislike when people judge others (I’m working on it too). We all have issues, every single one of us.

I’ve finally realized that I happiest when I am creating something.

I’m always trying to be a better person and start fresh everyday.

There! Some random facts about me…

What are some things that others may not know about you? I’d love to hear, leave me a comment and share your thoughts.

Here is my Ikea inspired clock makeover, The first picture is the Ikea clock, then my own kitchen clock and the steps.

ikea clock

My kitchen clock


with one coat of paint

all done!

DIY Advent Calendar

There is no limit to the function of our Wall Mounted Storage Rack. It could help bring order to the chaos of a busy entry way, or be an accessory in your kitchen for the chef. All of the hooks, baskets, and shelf can be removed allowing for quick accessibility, easy sorting, and endless personal customization.

This is the Product Overview from the Wicker Emporium site. Isn’t it a perfect description? It was exactly the point I was trying to get across when I painted this multifunctional shelf that you can order here.

When I first thought about how it could be used, an Advent calendar did not come to mind. With so much inspiration online, I thought that with a little creativity, this could be turned into a one of a kind Advent calendar.

I made a quick run to the nearest Hardware Store and picked up some red paint swatches in different shades and cut them to the perfect size, stenciled on some numbers with white paint , added those adorable little clothes pins and voila!!

I wanted to add some color and I figured that red would pop with this beautiful Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint color called Eulalie’s Sky. I have it all over my own home and it is a nice alternative to the traditional green and red Christmas colors that we have come accustomed to seeing.

Who would have thought that this unique shelf could be transformed into an Advent Calendar and become part of your Holiday Décor? The possibilities are endless.

Head on over to Wicker Emporium to check out my original post.

*contest is now closed.

IMG_9412 (680x1024) (531x800)

IMG_9408 (463x800)

IMG_9404 (1024x683)

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